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Saroj Bhattarai

Strumpf Early Career Professor in Economics

Assistant Professor of Economics

Joined the faculty in 2010

Ph.D., July 2010 , 

Princeton University

615 Kern Graduate Building
Phone: (814) 863-3794
Fax: 814) 863-4775
Personal Homepage:
Office Hours for Spring 2014: by appointment

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

  • International Macroeconomics and Finance
  • Monetary Economics and Policy
  • Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics

Recent Publications:

“Monetary Policy and Central Bank Balance Sheet Concerns” The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics: Vol. 9: Iss. 1 (Contributions), Article 1, 2009 (joint with Tiago C. Berriel)

Research in Progress:

  • “Optimal Currency Denomination of Trade: Theory and Quantitative Exploration”
  • “Multi-product Firms and Price-setting: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Producer Prices” (joint with Raphael Schoenle)
  • “Hedging Against the Government: A Solution to the Home Asset Bias Puzzle” (joint with Tiago C. Berriel)