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Edward Green

Professor of Economics

Joined the faculty in 2003    

Ph.D., 1977,

Carnegie-Mellon  University

415 Kern Graduate Building

Phone: (814) 865-8493

Fax: (814) 863-4775


Personal Homepage:

Office Hours for Spring 2014: by appointment


Curriculum Vitae  

Areas of Interest:

  • Economic Theory

Recent Publications:

“Heterogeneous producers facing common shocks: an overlapping-generations example”. Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming.

“Incentive-efficient risk sharing in a settlement mechanism”. (with Hiroshi Fujiki and Akira Yamazaki) Journal of Economic Theory, 142(1):178–195, September 2008.

"Money as a Mechanism in a Bewley Economy," with Ruilin Zhou, International Economic Review, 46 (2005) 351-71.

“A Review of Interest & Prices, by Michael Woodford” Journal of Economic Literature. 2005; 43: 121-234.

“Formulating the Imputed Cost of Equity Capital for Priced Services at Federal Reserve Banks” (with Jose A. Lopez and Zhenyu Wang), Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review. September 2003; 9(3): 55-81.

"Implementing the Efficient Allocation in a Model of Financial Intermediation," with Ping Lin,, Journal of Economic Theory, 109 (2003) 1-23.

"Formulating the Imputed Cost of Equity for Priced Services at Federal Reserve Banks," with José A. Lopez and Zhenyu Wang, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review, 9 (2003) 55-81.

"Economic Perspective on the Political History of the Second Bank of the United States," Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Perspectives, 27, 59-67.

"Dynamic Monetary Equilibrium in a Random-Matching Economy," with Ruilin Zhou, 01.pdf, Econometrica, 70 (2002) 929-69.

"Payment Arrangements and Inflation," American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 92 (2002) 51-57.

"Financial-Intermediation Regime and Efficiency in a Boyd-Prescott Economy," with Yeong-Yuh Chiang, 19.pdf, Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, 54 (2001) 117-29.

"Sharing the Risk of Settlement Failure," with Hiroshi Fujiki and Akira Ya- mazaki, (1999).

"Money and Debt in the Structure of Payments,", Bank of Japan Monetary and Economic Studies, 15 (1997) 63-87. Reprinted in Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review, 23 (1999) 13-29.

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