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Kala M. Krishna

Professor of Economics

Joined the faculty in 1993    

Ph.D., 1984, 

 Princeton University 

523 Kern Graduate Building

Phone: (814) 865-1106

Fax: (814) 863-4775


Personal Homepage:

Office Hours for Spring 2014:ON SABBATICAL


Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

  • International Economics 
  • Industrial Organization 
  • Game Theory
  • Development Economics
  • Applied Micro Economics


Recent Publications:

 "Back on the Rails: Competition and Productivity in State-owned Industry," (formerly called "Behind the TFP Veil: Evidence From Micro-Micro Data." ) with Sanghamitra Das, Rohini Somanathan and Sergey Lychagin. American Economic Journal, Applied, Forthcoming.

    "Do Trade Policy Differences Induce Sorting? Theory and Evidence from Bangladeshi Apparel Exporters," with S. Demidova and H.L. Kee. Journal of International Economics. Vol. 87, Issue 2, (July 2012), pp. 247--261.

    "Limiting Emissions and Trade: Some Basic Ideas," in The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy, Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram (ed.), University of Chicago Press, (2012), pp. 53-61.

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    "Protection for Sale or Surge Protection?" with Susumu Imai and Hajime Katayama. European Economic Reivew, Vol. 53, Issue 6, (August 2009), pp. 675-688.

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Research in Progress:

  • Infrastructure and Development
  • Firm Heterogeneity and Trade
  • Conditional Trade Policies
  • Testing Political Economy Models
  • Non Linear Pricing and Market Conduct
  • Applications of Game Theory