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Mark J. Roberts

Professor of Economics

Research Associate NBER

Joined the faculty in 1980

Ph.D., 1980,

University of Wisconsin - Madison

513 Kern Graduate Building

Phone: (814) 863-1535

Fax: (814) 863-4775


Personal Homepage:

Office hours for Spring 2014: by appointment


Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

  • Applied Micro Economics
  • Industrial Organization 

Recent Publications:

“Export Market Participation, Investment in R&D and Worker Training, and the Evolution of Firm Productivity” (with B.Y. Aw and T. Winston), The World Economy, forthcoming.

"Market Entry Costs, Producer Heterogeneity, and Export Dynamics," (with S. Das and J.R. Tybout), Econometrica, May 2007.

"Export Market Participation, Investments in R & D and Worker Training, and the Evolution of Firm Productivity, " (with B.Y. Aw and T. Winston), The World Economy, January 2007.

"Exit from Regional Manufacturing Markets: The Role of Entrant Experience," (with T. Dunne and S. Klimek), International Journal of Industrial Organization, June 2005.

" Productivity, Output and Failure: A Comparison of Taiwanese and Korean Manufacturers," (with B.Y. Aw and S. Chung). Economic Journal, November 2003.  

" Firm-Level Evidence on Productivity Differentials and Turnover in Taiwanese Manufacturing" (with B.Y. Aw and X. Chen), Journal of Development Economics, October 2001.

" Firm Heterogeneity and Export-Domestic Price Differentials: A Study on Taiwanese Electronics Products" (with B.Y. Aw and G. Batra), Journal of International Economics, June 2001.

Research in Progress:

  • Empirical Modeling of Entry, Exit, and Sunk Costs
  • Productivity and Firm Turnover