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Jon P. Nelson

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Joined the faculty in 1969

Ph.D., 1970,

University of Wisconsin - Madison

642 Glenn Road
State College, PA 16803


Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

  • Applied Micro Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Industrial Organization, Antitrust Law, and Regulation

Recent Publications:  Books

Industrial Organization - (Penn State University, World Campus, February 2003), 254pp.  HA2326.N415 2003.

Advances in Applied Microeconomics, Volume 10: Advertising and Differentiated Products, edited by M.R. Baye and J.P. Nelson (JAI Press, 2001), 295pp. HF5814.A338 2001.

Economic Analysis of Transportation Noise Abatement (Ballinger, 1978), 265pp. TD893.6.T7N44 1978.

Recent Publications:  Articles

"Meta-Analysis of Alcohol Price and Income Elasticities - with Corrections for Publication Bias," Health Economics Review 3:17. doi:10.1186/2191-1991-3-17. Open Access at:

"Gender Differences in Alcohol Demand: A Systematic Review of the Role of Prices and Taxes," Health Economics, forthcoming, doiI:10.1002/hec2974.

"Robust Demand Elasticities for Wine and Distilled Spirits: Meta-Analysis with Corrections for Outliers and Publication Bias," Journal of Wine Economics, forthcoming.

"Does Heavy Drinking by Adults Respond to Higher Alcohol Prices and Taxes? A Survey and Assessment," Economic Analysis and Policy, forthcoming. Early view at

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Research in Progress: