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James R. Tybout

Professor of Economics

Joined the faculty in 1999

Ph.D., 1980,

University of Wisconsin - Madison

517 Kern Graduate Building

Phone: (814) 865-4259

Fax: (814) 863-4775


Personal Homepage:

Office Hours for Spring 2014: by appointment


Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

  • International Economics 
  • Development Economics
  • Applied Micro Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Econometrics

Recent Publications:

“The Margins of Entry into Export Markets: Evidence from Colombia,” (with Jonathan Eaton, Marcela Eslava and Maurice Kugler, in Elhanan Helpman, Dalia Marin, and Thieery Verdier, eds.), The Organization of Firms in a Global Economy, forthcoming, Harvard University Press.

"Market Entry Costs, Producer Heterogeneity and Export Dynamics," (with Mita Das and Mark Roberts), forthcoming in Econometrica.

“Comment on ‘Trade Costs, Firms and Productivity” by Andrew Bernard, J. Bradford Jensen and Peter Schott, Journal of Monetary Economics 53(5), July 2006.

“Product Quality, Productive Efficiency, and International Technology Diffusion: Evidence from Plant-level Panel Data,” (with Aart Kraay and Isidro Soloaga, in Bernard Hoekman and Beata Smarzynska Javorcik, eds.), Global Integration and Technology Transfer. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2006.

"Trade Policy and Industrial Sector Responses in the Developing World: Interpreting the Evidence," (with Erkan Erdem, in S. Collins and D. Rodrik, eds., Brookings Trade Forum 2003. Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution, 2004.

“Plant- and Firm-Level Evidence on 'New' Trade Theories” in James Harrigan, ed., Handbook of International Trade, Oxford: Basil-Blackwell, 2003.

“A Firms-eye View of Commercial Policy Reforms in Cameroon”(with Bernard Gauthier and Isidro Soloaga), World Bank Economic Review, 16(3),2002, 449-472.

"Manufacturing Firms in Developing Countries: How Well do They do, and Why?" Journal of Economic Literature, 38 (1), March 2000, pp. 11-44.

"Is Learning by Exporting Important? Micro-dynamic Evidence from Colombia, Mexico, and Morocco" (with S. Clerides and S. Lach), Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1998, pp. 903-947.

"The Decision to Export in Colombia: An Empirical Model of Entry with Sunk Costs" (with M.J. Roberts), American Economic Review, 87 (4), September 1997, pp. 545-563.

Industrial Evolution in Developing Countries: Micro Patterns of Turnover, Productivity and Market Structure, co-edited with M.J. Roberts, New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.

"Trade Liberalization and Dimensions of Efficiency Change in Mexican Manufacturing Industries" (with M.D. Westbrook), Journal of International Economics, 39, August 1996, pp. 53-78.


Research in Progress:

  • Micro Foundations of International Technology Diffusion
  • Plant-Level Export Dynamics
  • Trade and Industrial Evolution in Developing Countries