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Economics Green Team

 The Department of Economics has been asked by the Dean of the College of the Liberal Arts, Susan Welch, and with the support of the Department leadership to create an Economics Green Team. The University’s leadership has outlined their commitment to sustainability in their most recent strategic plan, Priorities for Excellence and it is the view of the university that all are needed to help bring about this cultural and organizational change. Dean Welch has echoed this commitment and has specified that “… green teams encourage and provide guidance toward behavior changes and practices that can help us become a more environmentally sustainable institution.” “… our college will now officially be part of the Green Team program.”  The College of the Liberal Arts is working to be a leader in promoting sustainability, defined by the university as, “The simultaneous pursuit of human health and prosperity, environmental quality and economic well-being, in a manner that balances the needs of present and future generations." The College of the Liberal Arts plans to implement sustainable practices that will result in increased awareness, knowledge, and well-being among our College community, increased motivation to engage in pro-sustainable behaviors, decreased emissions and waste, and increased influence beyond the College to our community and business and academic associates. By forming an Economics Green Team, our goals are both to increase sustainability practices within our department and increase positive attitudes and beliefs about sustainable practices. The Economics Green Team will include faculty, staff, and students volunteering to take specific actions to help our department to operate in a more efficient, innovative, and healthy way. The Economics Green Team will focus on making our operations more sustainable through the easy to follow Green Paws Program and other initiatives unique to our department. The Green Paws Program  is a simple, yet effective way for faculty and staff to "green" their workspace and earn a Green Paws Office Certification for their efforts. To earn Green Paws Office Certification , 75% of all employees in our office and administrative unit must complete all the "actions" on the checklist.

Econ Green Team members are:

  • Faculty members - Bill Goffe and Austin Boyle
  • Student member - David Lander
  • Staff members - Michele Moslak, Georgine Mihalenko, Krista Winkelblech, Sue Niessner, Maggie White, and Giselle Thompson.


Recycling Policy
Recycle Guidelines
Going Green Cheat Sheet-1
Green Paws