Mark Roberts named Liberal Arts Professor

Mark Roberts, Liberal Arts Professor of Economics. With over 40 papers in refereed journals and more than 15,000 citations to his work, Mark is a leading scholar in the field of industrial organization. He was a pioneer in the use of data from the Census of Manufactures to study the behavior of the firms and their pattern of exit and entry. This work has been influential in its own right, but it led to an explosion of work using this source of data. There are now 29 Census Data Research Centers, including one at PSU which Mark directs. Mark’s research on the decision to export has been influential both the industrial organization and the trade literature, with one of his papers cited over 2,000 times. And his work on productivity measurement at the firm level and the role of R&D has also been very influential. Consequently, it is not surprising that he is a research associate of the NBER, has been a member of several NSF review panels, a member of the AEA Census Advisory Committee, and a member of research panels from both the National Research Council and the European Research Council. He received the Award for Distinction in the Social Sciences, Liberal Arts Society in 1990, and has supervised 29 PhD dissertations.