400-Level Grader Application

COVID Restrictions: 400-Level Economics Grading positions for Spring 2021 may be for payment or for 1.5 credits. If you will not be on campus next semester, you will receive 1.5 300-Level Economics credits. If you will be in-person on campus, you will receive payment for grading.

Application Instructions

Please complete the online application & attach all required supporting documents (tentative schedule for Spring 2021 and unofficial transcript from LionPATH).

All applications and attached documents must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. EST on Monday, January 11, 2021.  (You will not be able to access the online application after this deadline!)

Have you taken a CAS 100 course?  


Description of Undergraduate Grader Responsibilities:

Undergraduate Graders will work closely with a supervising instructor. Specific duties include grading assignments (e.g., short answers, multiple choice exams, final exams, weekly homework), inputting graded material, serving as a proctoring assistant, holding office hours, serving as a proctoring assistant, implementation of SRTE’s, and providing general assistance as requested by the instructor.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have successfully completed the course and received a minimum of an A- in a 400 level course to be considered for a Grading position. If you have only completed one 400 level course, you should apply for a 296 grader position NOT a 400 level grader position.  You cannot be a 296 grader and a 400 level grader in the same semester.  A 400 level Grader is a paid position. A 400 level Grader is expected to be available during the final exam period. Students will receive up to $1050 per semester.

If you have questions about the responsibilities of this position, please contact Pam Dutko 814-865-1457 (prd138@psu.edu).