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Jonathan Eaton is rejoining the faculty at Penn State after spending two years as the William R Rhodes Professor of International Economics at Brown University.  He has worked on a number of issues in international economics and related fields.  He was an early contributor to the literature on sovereign debt and default.  His current research projects concern the quantitative modeling of technology and networks in the global economy.

S. Nageeb Ali is a theorist who studies issues in political economy, repeated games, and behavioral economics.  He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University in 2007, and before arriving to Penn State, he had been a faculty member at UC-San Diego, a visiting and consulting researcher at Microsoft Research New England, and a visiting professor at Harvard University.

Daniel Grodzicki received his Ph.D from Stanford University. His areas of interest are industrial organization, public finance, and applied microeconomics.  He is currently working on Death and Taxes: An Evaluation of the impact of Prospective Policies for Taxing Wealth at the Time of Death with Robert Avery and Kevin Moore.

Rohit Lamba is an economist theorist who recently finished his Ph.D. from Princeton University.  He is joining the economics department at Penn State after spending a year at University of Cambridge as a postdoc.  His research interests are in mechanism design, finance and development.

Henriqui Roscoe de Oliveira

Ron Siegel

Ross Doppelt

Jared McEntaffer received his PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  His areas of concentration are labor economics and applied microeconomics.  His recent research is into the effects of worker training programs on post-training employment and earnings.

Chris Steiner - Visiting Scholar

Daolu Cai -Visiting Scholar