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Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

Students who want transfer courses evaluated for possible use in the Economics major must have their syllabi reviewed by the Economics Department.

Economics majors or pre-majors should send an email to their assigned adviser that includes the information and materials below. Economics minor students should bring these items to drop-in advising hours. Economics advising information can be found at

  • An attached course syllabus for the course to be reviewed
  • website link to the course description
  • A list of prerequisites for the transfer course
  • A statement explaining which PSU course you believe the transfer course is equivalent to (for example “I would like ECO 131 at XXX College to be evaluated for possible ECON 104 credit at PSU”.)

Please note: A maximum of 12 ECON credits taken outside of University Park can be applied toward the ECON degree. Of these 12 credits, a maximum of 3 credits can be used at the 400 level.

Beginning on May 1, 2020, the Economics Department will no longer be accepting transfer credits for the following courses:

  • ECON302 (Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis)
  • ECON304 (Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis)
  • ECON306 (Introduction to Econometrics)

Thus, all Economics majors and minors must complete these courses through Penn State.

Transfer credits processed before May 1, 2020 will still count toward the major/minor. But nothing will be accepted after this date. If you have any questions, please speak with your academic adviser.

It is also recommended to meet with an Economics Department advisor after the approval of transfer credits. See the the Advising Schedule page for information.