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Congratulations to the Economics Graduating Class of 2021!

I want to congratulate all of the Economics Graduates of 2021. This has not been an easy year for those finishing their undergraduate studies. The fact that you are graduating is proof that you successfully navigated remote learning. I am relieved that this worked as well as it did. But this necessitated a separation of students from faculty and a narrowing of the College experience.

This is a tough time. It is unfortunate that you cannot attend an normal commencement with your family and friends to celebrate your achievement. But this does not lessen your achievement at all. You have successfully completed your studies and graduated with a degree in economics. I applaud you all. You deserve it.

I hope that despite all the special hardships you found your Penn State experience worthwhile, and that you will use your economics education with success in your future endeavors. Economics is a great profession, and the faculty and I are proud of you. We wish you all well in the next phase of your life.

Be healthy and be proud of your achievement. And remember us, we will remember you! Best of luck and be successful!

- Barry W. Ickes, Department Head, Department of Economics


Welcome to the Department of Economics

Penn State’s Economics Department is dedicated to excellence in research and teaching. Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research in economics and to teach students at the undergraduate and graduate level the methodology and ideas of modern economics, with the goal of training the next generation of professional economists, for academia, the government and the private sector.