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Ph.D . Program

Ph.D . Program

With leading researchers in economic theory, econometrics, international economics, and macroeconomics, the Economics Department at Penn State is an outstanding department (faculty areas of interest may be found here).  Students who receive a Ph.D. from Penn State and whose doctoral research is excellent have access to positions at leading academic and research institutions. Our recent placement record confirms this.  In the past decade, some of our Ph.D. students have obtained tenure-track positions at Harvard, MIT, NYU, and Cornell, and in the  business schools at the University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Toronto. Our recent placements of students at different universities may be found here.  

Although most highly ranked departments have good placement records, there are some special reasons you should consider Penn State.  Our faculty members are accessible to graduate students and graduate student placement is a priority for the department. 

Penn State is located in a pleasant college town setting in the geographic center of Pennsylvania. Although it is in a small town, it is not isolated intellectually. There is an active program of visiting speakers in five separate workshops. In addition, the department hosts conferences. There is a twice yearly joint Penn State-Cornell conference at which graduate students make about half the presentations. In recent years, Penn State has hosted the Midwest Math Econ and International Trade Conference, and several conferences on special topics.

STEM Designation
Our graduate program (MA and PhD) has been reclassified as STEM (CIP Code 45.0603: Econometrics and Quantitative Economics). Students in STEM degree programs can apply for a 24 month STEM extension of F1 Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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Information on the honor code and the college values statement for graduate students available at: