M.A. Degree Requirements

M.A. Degree Requirements

The M.A. program is a two-year (four-semester) program, which requires a minimum of 30 credits (of which 21 credits will be required courses) and an MA project. The first year is devoted to 18 credits of the core courses in micro, macro, and econometrics. The second year follows with at least 12 additional credits, 6 credits of which will be in a year-long course for the M.A. project. The M.A. project will provide hands-on experience of small research supervised by our excellent faculty.

Required courses:

First Year
501 Econometrics
510 Econometrics I
502 Microeconomic Analysis
521 Advanced Microeconomic Theory
503 Macroeconomic Analysis
533 Applied and Quantitative Economics
Second Year
530 Master’s Scholarly Essay I
531 Master’s Scholarly Essay II
558 Development of Monetary Theory
596 Individual Studies

MA Projects (Course number to be determined. This is a year-long course, where students do an MA project of their interest.)

* Please note that some of the required courses have the same course numbers as our PhD courses, but the MA courses will be taught in separate sections.

** Second year MA students will have access to PhD level field courses, assuming that they successfully complete all the required courses. (PhD courses can be found here.)

All course offerings and credits are subject to change.