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World Campus

The Economics BA and BS degrees are offered through Penn State's World Campus. The following links provide information about the BA degree in Economics and the BS degree in Economics. These degrees have the same requirements as the degrees offered at University Park, although the selection of courses is more limited. These degrees provide students with location, work, or family constraints the opportunity to complete a Penn State Economics degree.

World Campus and University Park Economics degrees

University Park (UP) students frequently ask about taking World Campus (WC) courses.  For a variety of reasons, this option is extremely limited.  As described in the policy below, enrollment in World Campus courses during Fall and Spring semesters is not permitted, and enrollment during summer sessions is subject to the limits indicated by the Liberal Arts Competency in a Major/Minor policy (points 3 and 4 below), as well as additional department restrictions based on course capacity and student need.

World Campus and other Penn State Economics degrees

The comments above apply to Economics degrees offered at non-University Park locations, except of course that there are differences in the requirements of those degrees. Also, campus registrars may impose additional limits on students' ability to take World Campus courses.


World Campus Economics Course Enrollment Policy


Penn State is organized into degree-granting colleges which set requirements, offer courses appropriate to their degree programs, and certify graduation.  Students are expected to complete their coursework in the College granting their degree, though students may take their first two years of courses at other campuses before finishing at University Park or other degree-granting locations.   Many programs, including Economics, have capstone courses or experiences taught by faculty within the program. These programs may have similar requirements, but they are separate in terms of entrance to a major, advising, and administrative status. For these reasons, World Campus Economics courses are restricted according to the policy described below. 

ECON courses offered through World Campus are for enrollment only by students earning their degrees through World Campus, except during the summer session, when some courses may be available to students from any campus.  However, the department places restrictions on non-WC students enrolling in WC courses, even during the summer.  The specific restrictions on enrollment are:

  1. Degree candidates at any resident campus may not take World Campus ECON courses during the fall and spring semesters.
  2. Resident students at any campus may not earn concurrent ECON majors through World Campus.
  3. University Park ECON majors must earn at least 24 ECON credits (including at least 6 credits at the 400 level) in resident courses at the University Park campus (see Liberal Arts Policy on Competency in a Major).
  4. Enrollment in some courses may be limited to World Campus majors even during summer session.  In particular, resident students should not expect to take 400-level ECON courses through World Campus, even in summer.





General University Policies concerning World Campus enrollment


This section just describes general University policies regarding WC enrollment.  However, the ECON policies listed above for ECON courses take precedence over these priorities. Resident students taking courses through World Campus under any of the circumstances noted above are subject to the “Multiple Campus Registration” policy (point 12 of Registration policy).  The University’s general registration priorities for World Campus courses are described in the Division of Undergraduate Studies Advising Handbook (see below).


Fall and Spring Semesters

World Campus students have registration priority for World Campus courses. World Campus students have “World Campus” (WC) listed as their campus designation in LionPATH. Students enrolled at other Penn State campuses may register for World Campus courses, if space is available, based on the following (in order of priority):

  1. Graduating Seniors
    Registration for a World Campus course may be an option for a student’s final semester if he/she could not schedule the course required for graduation at his/her campus. An adviser’s confirmation of the student’s status and his/her need must be provided via e-mail to .
  2. Adult Learners
    World Campus courses are an option for students classified as Adult Learners.

If a Penn State student is not enrolled in the World Campus but wants to schedule only World Campus courses for a particular semester, he/she should contact their adivser to discuss a possible change of campus to the World Campus.