July 2, 2021 | 3:00 pm

July 2, 2021 | 4:15 pm

Marco Castillo from Texas A&M University will present The demand for information of adolescents.


Adolescents around the world make crucial career and schooling decisions and face large disparities in information. A natural approach to assess existing disparities and the relevance of returns to education information is to measure their willingness to pay for this information. We embed an incentive compatible mechanism to measure adolescent's willingness to pay (WTP) for wages and college admission rates in an information RCT. Adolescents are heterogeneous in their demand for information and their adherence to rationality. Those affected by the information RCT (compliers) have a higher WTP for information and are more likely to be rational. We conclude that behavioral measures of WTP can be useful in targeting information interventions.