How and When to Apply

The application process is as follows:

  1. You should first consult the Graduate School website which has information about the process, the documentation you will need, application fees etc.: FAQ‘s

  2. You can then apply online via GRADS, the Graduate School Admissions site: Graduate Admission Application

  3. All supporting documentation should also be electronically uploaded on to the Graduate Admission Application.
  4. If you are not a US citizen or a US permanent resident, DISA will contact you with a set of instructions and a link so that you can enter your immigration information and/or upload your financial documentation directly into your electronic file once you have notified the Department that you have accepted your offer of Admission. Please note that this electronic form cannot be created or pre-completed until you have accepted your offer of admission.

    If you are applying for financial aid, your completed application for the following fall should reach us by January 15. Decisions are communicated by early March. Responses to our offers must be received by April 15.

    If you are not applying for financial aid, the deadline is April 30 and decisions are communicated by the middle of May.