Econ 400-Level Grader Application

Econ 400-Level Grader Application

Please complete the online application & attach all required supporting documents (tentative schedule for Fall 2024 and unofficial transcript from LionPATH).

This application will close when all positions have been filled.

If you have any questions, please contact Pam Dutko (

Description of Undergraduate Grader Responsibilities:

Undergraduate Graders will work closely with a supervising instructor. Specific duties include grading assignments (e.g., short answers, multiple choice exams, final exams, weekly homework), inputting graded material, serving as a proctoring assistant, holding office hours, serving as a proctoring assistant, implementation of SRTE’s, and providing general assistance as requested by the instructor. PLEASE NOTE: You must have successfully completed the course and received a minimum of an A- in a 400 level course to be considered for a Grading position. If you have only completed one 400 level course, you should apply for a 296 grader position NOT a 400 level grader position. You cannot be a 296 grader and a 400 level grader in the same semester. A 400 level Grader is a paid position. A 400 level Grader is expected to be available during the final exam period. Students will receive up to $1050 per semester. If you have questions about the responsibilities of this position, please contact Pam Dutko 814-865-1457 (