The Microeconomic Theory group currently includes nine full-time faculty members and two faculty emeriti. Members of this group work on mechanism design, game theory, decision theory, political economy, networks, matching, and behavioral economics.
Faculty - Theory
S. Nageeb Ali Image S. Nageeb Ali
Kalyan Chatterjee Image Kalyan Chatterjee
Miaomiao Dong Image Miaomiao Dong
Edward Green Image Edward Green
Nima Haghpanah Image Nima Haghpanah
James Jordan Image James Jordan
Vijay Krishna Image Vijay Krishna
Rohit Lamba Image Rohit Lamba
Henrique Roscoe de Oliveira Image Henrique Roscoe de Oliveira
Ran Shorrer Image Ran Shorrer
Ron Siegel Image Ron Siegel