Structure of CARE

Typical Structure For A Care Member

CARE began in fall 2017. We currently have 27 members comprised of three freshmen, six sophomores, eight juniors, and 10 seniors. 

The fundamental features of the CARE program require members to take the theory and econometrics courses at the advanced (honors) level.  Specifically, by the time they graduate with the bachelor’s degree, members have taken  ECON 302H (advanced intermediate microeconomic theory), 304H (advanced intermediate macroeconomic theory), and 306H (advanced econometrics). 

Freshman and sophomore members who are not part of the Schreyer Honors College are allowed to register for these honors courses while juniors and seniors who have already taken the regular offerings of these courses are permitted to audit these courses. 

Note: Course audits must be processed through the Registrar’s Office.  Students should fill out a drop/add form at the Registrar’s Office and mark “AU” by the course to be audited.  This must be done by the end of the regular add period.

CARE members who successfully finish the above advanced theory/econometrics courses have access to first-year courses offered in our master’s and Ph.D. programs.

CARE members are also in very competitive positions to apply for the department’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.  This is a highly competitive program in which successful applicants are matched with a faculty member and help with his/her research project. 

Each CARE member has an assigned faculty member in their field of interest. This faculty mentor meets regularly with their mentee and provides counsel and guidance on courses that are useful for graduate school and advice on the graduate school application process